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Minimum Age Required as on 31 March of the year of Admission.

Nursery : 3 Years Completed.

Class 1 : 6 Years Completed.

Add one year for each subsequent Class.

Manipulating date of birth to suite the criteria above is an offence.

If the information provided in the application is found to be misinterpreted/ misrepresented/ inaccurate/ false/ or manipulated, the school retains the discretion to refund any fees paid.

Right of admission to school reserved by the school.

The Prefectorial System

Definition:- Prefect (from the Latin Praefectus, " make in front," i.e. put in charge). In context of schools, a prefect is a pupil who has been given a limited authority over the other pupils in school.This system helps the students to develop a sense of responsibility towards their juniors. It also helps them to develop leadership qualities.

Students who can set an example for others in discipline, academics, sports & extra-curricular activities & co-curricular activities are selected as prefects. All the prefects are from the senior classes and true to their adage - Example is better than Precept.


The BGES School Prefect System :

The BGES School Prefect system was derived from the prefect concept of student government traditions in the public schools of Great Britain and many college preparatory schools in this country. Prefects enforce rules & regulations, while setting a good example, and serve on various committees providing them with extended experience in the responsibility and exercise of leadership.

The broadest concept of leadership is projected in the Prefectural System. The school expects all prefects to uphold the integrity & traditions of academics with dignity, good humour and sustained effort in all ways, at all times and in all places.

The System :

All the students of the school belong to one of the four houses i.e. Gandhi, Nehru, Patel & Tagore. This house system forms an integral part of our school. It helps to co-ordinate various activities and leads to the building up of esprit de corps and camaraderie of a lasting nature among students. Each house is placed under a House Master/ Mistress, who is directly responsible for the selection and grooming of the members of the house for the various competitions. House prefects take the responsibility of the overall discipline of the school on rotation basis.

School appointment includes the Headboy and the Headgirl followed by the Prefects and then the Captains and Vice-Captains.

The Headboy and the Headgirl are the roles of prominent papillary responsibility. They are responsible for representing the school at events, and therefore must be able to make public speeches. They are also expected to lead the fellow prefects in their duties. They are the ones who take the sole responsibility to look onto the day-to-day management of the prefects as well as looking after the school and creating a link between the teachers and the pupils.

The House Prefect is guided in his/her tasks by a team of teachers. Regular Inter-House competitions in various co-curricular and extra- curricular activities are held throughout the year, aimed at fostering healthy rivalry and a competitive spirit. Houses compete with each other to keep the house flag high and win the trophy.

The Prefectural System forms the backbone of the life in the school. Initiatives and capabilities of individual students are continuously watched and those with inherent or cultivated leadership qualities are selected as prefects.

Importance of being a Prefect :

Prefects are chosen by the teachers because of their character and leadership qualities. If a student is responsible, industrious, firm and relatively good in his studies, he should make a good prefect. Though being a prefect is prestigious, it comes with a lot of responsibilities. A prefect's responsibility is not limited to the specific duties of his position. All prefects are expected:

* To be the ultimate example for both peers and juniors in terms of behaviour and dress.

*  Be supportive in all House Events, participating in as many as possible.

*  Be sure that the House members support teams in a positive and supportive way.

*  Help staff in updating the House Board. Perform general prefect Duties.

Duties of a Prefect :

1. Prefects will report at 0820h in the library and the Head boy & the Head girl will take instructions from the Headmaster and Deputy Headmistress to be passed onto the prefects.

2. By 0825h all Prefects will be in their classes of responsibility. They will carry out checking out of uniforms and turnout.

3. In case of absence of Class Teacher, the prefect will take attendance in the log book and sign. A chit be sent to the Office for entering attendance in School Soft 13.1

4. At 1140h daily Prefects will be on duty as given below to ensure that all the students enter the school and are sitting in their classes by 1150h

a. Head boy & Head girl Outside and ground floor
b. Gandhi House Prefects 1st Floor
c. Nehru House Prefects 2nd Floor
d. Patel House Prefects 3rd Floor
e. Tagore House Prefects 4th Floor
5. Dispersal Duties to be carried out as per schedule:

a. Head boy & Head girl Outside and ground floor
b. Gandhi House Prefects 1st Floor
c. Nehru House Prefects 2nd Floor
d. Patel House Prefects 3rd Floor
e. Tagore House Prefects 4th Floor

6. The Assistance during Inter School and Intra School Activities. The teacher responsible will ask the Head boy/Head girl to detail on required number of prefects.

7. In the absence of class teacher and stand by class teacher, prefects will take the attendance of the class and give the name of the absentees to AD & RMJ. The prefects will enter the same in the Log book & Sign.

8. The Head boy will maintain a repair and maintenance register in which all the prefects will note down the repair and maintenance required of their class of responsibility. The Head boy will place the register on the Headmaster's table daily at 1430h and take it at 0820h the next day. The Head girl will take charge of this duty in the absence of the Head boy.



A Prefect will :

Value and keep our school rules

Provide an excellent model of behaviour for other students

Pe helpful towards teachers, parents and school visitors

Be courteous at all times

Be reliable and responsible

Be helpful and kind to students in need

Report all incidents of concern to appropriate teachers

Care for school property

Avoid all forms of discrimination

Uniform :

A Prefect will :

Wear full school uniform

Encourage other children to wear school uniform Wear their badge with pride


A Prefect will :

Participate fully in school activities

Support all school activities

Respect the rights of others at all times

Accept directions willingly

Be co-operative with teachers and fellow students

Care for others, especially smaller or younger children

Respect teachers and visitors to our school

Report any incidents of bullying


"I_________________________ having been appointed as the prefect of____________ house, do solemnly

affirm that I will faithfully discharge the functions of the prefect and will devote myself to the service & welfare of the students of my school. I will always uphold the rules, regulations & traditions of The BGES School.


Please Note: Should a prefect's behaviour not meet the code of behaviour, it will be grounds for the loss of the prefect status. Such possible action would involve consultation with parents.



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The school has four houses named after famous national leaders Tagore, Patel, Nehru and Gandhi.

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