School UDISE (Unified District Information System for Education) CODE NO 19170107320
HELPLINE   033-4019-6666
Time 1000h to 1430h




Minimum Age Required as on 31 March of the year of Admission.

Nursery : 3 Years Completed.

Class 1 : 6 Years Completed.

Add one year for each subsequent Class.

Manipulating date of birth to suite the criteria above is an offence.

If the information provided in the application is found to be misinterpreted/ misrepresented/ inaccurate/ false/ or manipulated, the school retains the discretion to refund any fees paid.

Right of admission to school reserved by the school.


To be executed on Non Judicial Stamped Paper at the time of Admission by Parents / Guardians of students studying at The BGES School ( ICSE) 12B, Heysham Road, Kolkata 700 020



1.    This Agreement is made this _______day of _________20   between _________________ (Guardian) of _______________________residing at____________________________________________ (address)    

     (Hereinafter called the 'Guarantor' which expression shall unless excluded by the context or the meaning there of be deemed to include his heirs, executors, successors, administrators and legal representatives) of the one part and the Board of Management, hereinafter called the Management) which expression shall unless excluded by the context or the meaning thereof be deemed to include the Principal of The Bhawanipur Gujarati Education Society School, Kolkata of the other part.


2. Whereas ____________________________________ (Regn No__________) son/daughter of ____________________________ (hereinafter called the student) is the ward of the guarantor and has at the request of the guarantor been selected for admission to The Bhawanipur Gujarati Education Society School, inter alia, on the terms and conditions hereinafter appearing for the purpose of receiving education, if considered by the appropriate authority to be suitable and if there is any vacancy and he/she be selected.


      Now its hereby agreed by and between the parties here to as follows:


3. That in consideration of the student being admitted by the management, The Bhawanipur Gujarati Education Society School for the purpose of the aforesaid education at the request of the guarantor, he/she the guarantor, covenants with the Management that the student will attend The Bhawanipur Gujarati Education Society School regularly and will observe and comply with all the rules and regulations thereof for the prescribed period, and that he/she, the guarantor shall pay to the management regularly and promptly and whenever called upon to do so all the fees as prescribed if he/she is not in receipt of any scholarship/freeship.


4. The Management and the Principal will not be liable for any damages/ charges on account of injuries fatal or otherwise which may be sustained by the student any time during they stay in the school, while taking part in sports, extracurricular or any other form of activities of the school within or outside the school premises. All expenses that may be incurred in the treatment of such injuries will be borne by the parent/guardian as provided in the rules of the said school.


5. That the Principal can, in the interest of the school have the student removed from the school if in the Principal's opinion the student has failed to accept the discipline of the school and his/her continued presence is detrimental to the interests of the other students and/or the student fails to come up to the academic standard of his/her class and when detention in the same class would make the student too old for his/her class.


6. The guarantor, covenants with the Management that student will respect and maintain the school property. In case of wilful or otherwise, in cases of damage caused to the school property by the student the guarantor will pay for the damages at the rate of replacement cost and any fine that may be imposed by the school. The guarantor also agrees that over and above the afore said, any disciplinary action taken against the student by the school will be acceptable without any reservations by him/her and the student.


7. The guarantor, covenants with the Management that RAGGING is banned and is a punishable offence under the law of the country. The guarantor agrees and accepts that in case the student is found indulging or abetting or encouraging or indulging in anyway in Ragging, the school can take all measures as per the prevailing law on the subject in addition to the internal disciplinary action deemed fit. The guarantor confirms that he/she will not have any objection to the above process and he or she or the student will not try to influence the process or the school in anyway.


8. The guarantor agrees that the attendance is a very important aspect of the discipline of the school. The guarantor assures the management that the student's attendance will be observed diligently and action be taken in case the student fails to fulfil the required attendance criteria.


9. And that if there is any dispute as to the effect of meaning of these presents or in way touching or arising out of these presents, the same shall be referred to the sole arbitration of the Board of Management, The Bhawanipur Gujarati Education Society School, Kolkata whose decision shall be final.


10. The guarantor accepts that periodic increase in fees is a must to meet the rising cost and maintain the standards of the school. It is well understood that such increases are in the interest of the child and the guarantor will abide by the increase. In case of difficulty the guarantor undertakes to approach the school on an individual basis and not be part of any form of collective representation, bargaining or agitation.


11. The guarantor hereby agrees that further continuity in higher classes will have to be specifically sought from school and the school holds the right to grant or refuse of such further continuation of education depending on the overall performance of the student.


12. The guarantor hereby grants The Bhawanipur Gujarati Education Society School and its units the permission to use the photograph of my son/ daughter/ward in any and all its publication, advertisement, websites, and other publicity materials, newspapers in print or electronic media/ format etc. without any payment or any other consideration.


13. The guarantor hereby agrees to adhere to school regulations on Uniform as follows and given in school diary and school notices/instructions from time to time. Except for inconspicuous earring or nose studs (for girls only when the ear or nose has been pierced).    No clip-ons allowed on hair, no jewellery is allowed to be worn by boys or girls in the school. Ear studs for boys is prohibited.  No student is permitted to wear nail polish or to streak/colour his/her hair, Kajol/Liner on eyes. Use of styling gel on hair or fancy haircut to exhibit an extraordinary look is not permitted. Attending school with application of mehendi (henna)/colour/tattoo/nail polish/mascara/coloured contact lenses etc is prohibited. Wearing of Photo chromatic spectacles/Coloured Contact lenses/Sun glasses in school is not permitted. The school is proud of non-political and non-denominational character which cannot be compromised in any circumstances. While appreciating individual needs to uphold religious practices, the school also has its own precedence and practices along with traditions which go over nine decades. It does not encourage dressing up for identification on the basis of religion or any other non-secular basis as also use items to distinguish oneself by their religious identity during the school hours and activities. Wearing of ID card is compulsory for all students during school and official engagements. Sikh boys will use black colour turban/ under turban.


14. In witness whereof ________________________has set his/her hand and the Principal by order and direction of the Board of Management has set his/her hand the day and the year first above written.




_______________________________                                    _________________________

Signature of legal guardian of Student                                       Witness for Legal guardian                                                                         


________________________                                                   ________________________

Signed by the Principal                                                             Witness for Principal


For and on behalf of the Board of Management.

The Bhawanipur Gujarati Education Society

School Kolkata 700 020


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