School UDISE (Unified District Information System for Education) CODE NO 19170107320
HELPLINE   033-4019-6666
Time 1000h to 1430h




Minimum Age Required as on 31 March of the year of Admission.

Nursery : 3 Years Completed.

Class 1 : 6 Years Completed.

Add one year for each subsequent Class.

Manipulating date of birth to suite the criteria above is an offence.

If the information provided in the application is found to be misinterpreted/ misrepresented/ inaccurate/ false/ or manipulated, the school retains the discretion to refund any fees paid.

Right of admission to school reserved by the school.


Duplicating / Photocopying of Identity and Escort Cards

It is strictly forbidden to photocopy the Identity / Escort Card/ issued to the students. On occasions it has been noticed that parents have got coloured Xeroxing / Xerox of the Identity card and sent the student to school with that. This is highly irregular and a gross breach of school discipline. The cards are meant for the security of your child during school hours. Parents / Guardians shall be deemed solely responsible for such unacceptable wilful acts.

Loss of I card

The School issues I Card once at admission and commencement of Classes 1, 5, 8 Escort card is also issued for the primary Section. Loss should be reported immediately and Temporary I card may be obtained on payment of requisite Fees. A duplicate I Card / Escort Card will be issued earlies on payment of Rs. 200/- only ( Rs. 100/- Cost + Rs. 100/- Fine). Subsequent issues in classes 1, 5, 8 in will be done only on return of old I card / Escort card or on payment of cost + fine.

Damaged / Defaced I Card

Students are forbidden from possessing a damaged / defaced I Card or Escort Card. A duplicate card must be requested for immediately. Fair wear and tear and manufacturing defects will be replaced by the School, at no extra cost. However, in all other cases, the expenditure for the replacement of the card has to be borne by the parents. Final authority on this is the Head Master.

RS- Not a single day's grace period will be available for replacement.


Hence forth the undermentioned schedule will be followed in case of replacement of Identity Cards for staff and Students. The replacement will take place only in even numbered months.

Submission Date for request for replacement card

Within two days of loss

Issue of Temp I Card

Within two days of payment of replacement fees

(valid upto 30th of next even month)

Place order for provision of replacement Cards

2nd /3rd of Even number Month

Receipt of replacement card from vendor

24th/25th of the even number month

Issue of replacement card to students.

Last working day of even number month


Whereas there is no major restriction on legitimate use of school telephone by the students, it has been observed that students try and miss classes line up at the reception for use of telephone, on flimsy grounds. This is not conducive to a good school environment. Henceforth following guideline must be followed.

1.                                  Teachers at their discretion will call up on behalf of the students, if deemed necessary.

2.                                   No student will be allowed to make phone calls between morning prayer and start of first period.

3.                                   In case a student has not brought his/her I Card/Diary, the student is not allowed to call up home.

4.                                   For other reasons, permission of Deputy Head Mistress is required for use of the school telephone.


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